The Turner Fellowship Programme: Accelerating Conservation Impact

Addressing the biodiversity emergency requires a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approach. With support of the Turner Kirk Trust, CCI established the Turner Fellows Programme to engage influential individuals to address complex challenges and drive sustainable change. Through the Turner Fellowship Programme, CCI intends to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and integrate diverse areas of expertise across science, policy and practice with the conservation knowledge of the CCI partners.

The Turner Fellow (with appropriate expertise in economics, law, finance and public policy) plays a key leadership role in the future of CCI and Global Conservation efforts by enabling CCI to engage with business, policy and society on approaches grounded in practical, scalable solutions. 

For the Turner Fellow, this prestigious programme provides a unique career opportunity to work with CCI’s experts and forge new collaborations. Immersed in the David Attenborough Building (DAB), with exceptional resources, the Fellow will build a global network and enhance understanding of key conservation priorities whilst based in Cambridge, UK. 

Turner Kirk Trust

CCI is immensely grateful to Dr Patricia Turner, co-founder of the Turner Kirk Trust, for establishing the Turner Fellowship. Please visit their website via the button below and follow them on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Turner Kirk Trust