Given the crisis facing nature, it is all too easy to give up hope. Yet around the globe we are winning the fight to protect the natural world. Wetlands are being rebuilt, deforestation is slowing down in many places, and numbers of some of our rarest creatures are on the rise. People are making this change happen.

We need to celebrate these successes in conservation – to uplift us, inspire us, and help us build a new path forward. The #EarthOptimism movement brings people together to talk about what’s working to protect the future of our planet and shares ways for every one of us to be part of the solution.

What is Earth Optimism?

Earth Optimism is a worldwide movement aimed at fundamentally shifting how we frame the environmental narrative, from one of doom and gloom to one focused on solutions and success. It has emerged from two key realisations: that fear without hope leads to apathy rather than action, and that conservation successes are numerous but largely invisible to the general public. Together we are responding to the call for evidence-based efforts and positive change.

Through a wealth of content and events, Earth Optimism Cambridge (led by Cambridge Conservation Initiative) shares success stories to inspire and solutions to make a difference with the people of the city and beyond.

The links below will take you to our dedicated Earth Optimism webpages.

Stories to Inspire

From the wetlands of Kenya and the reefs of the Maldives, to our local schools and the British countryside – there are hundreds of examples of conservation success across the globe.

What YOU can do to help our planet

Be it eating more sustainably, making gardens wildlife-friendly, or switching our pensions to tackle the climate crisis – this section is packed with positive actions we can all take for the sake of our planet.

2017 Earth Optimism Summit

The first session of #EarthOptimism’s Stories of Hope programme was introduced by Ben Garrod, and featured Dame Jane Goodall, who gave the opening address.

A key highlight from Earth Optimism 2021 was listening to Sir David Attenborough in Conversation with Liz Bonin.