The Tropical Biology Association is safeguarding biodiversity by building expertise among conservationists to manage their natural resources, sustainably.

The Tropical Biology Association puts people at the heart of conservation, giving them the skills and support they need to be effective on the ground.

It’s what we call capacity building. Our approach is unique because we provide all of the following to everyone we train:

  • Tailored training that is relevant and practical
  • Learner-centred teaching by local and international specialists
  • Follow-up support to ensure new skills are applied
  • Active networks for on-going collaboration and exchange of best practice

Our training is having a tangible impact: over 95% of our alumni now work in conservation.  They are leading NGO’s, working for government agencies, carrying out research and training others.   We have launched and supported the careers of over 2,000 conservation champions from 74 countries.  Every one of them has a different story about how the TBA has changed their life.