British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is a UK charity that focuses on understanding birds and, in particular, how and why bird populations are changing.

Our vision is of a world where people are inspired by birds and informed by science.

We strive to achieve this vision by harnessing the skills and passion of thousands of volunteers to advance our understanding of ornithology, in particular, through our bird surveys and schemes. We combine the resulting scientific outputs with interesting stories and powerful images to engage more people in this work and to inspire people to take action. Working in partnership with volunteers we have been monitoring the UK’s birds since 1933 and have extended our coverage to include other wildlife too.

BTO carries out a number of bird surveys, both seasonally and throughout the year. These range from the UK’s oldest bird survey, the Heronries Census, to surveys you can do right in your own back garden. Head over to to find out how you can get involved today.

British Trust for Ornithology website:

“BTO is pleased to be a founding partner in CCI as it enables our scientific contributions to nature conservation to be recognised at a local, national and global scale. In particular, we bring an evidence-based and citizen science approach to the collaboration. We benefit from CCI through an ability to collaborate more widely than otherwise would be the case, and by working with others in a more international field.” –  Andy Clements, Former Chief Executive & CCI Council Member

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