CCI partners together develop and deliver the strategy for CCI and the activities that CCI carries out. The CCI Council is the primary decision-making body for the overall initiative. The CCI Advisory Board provides guidance of the global niche and future direction of CCI, helping to identify new strategic opportunities and secure support for CCI collaborative activities. The CCI team facilitates and supports a broad range of CCI programmes and activities.

Image: Kalyan Varma

Sir David Attenborough

Honorary Patron, CCI

Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries have brought the wonders of the natural world to our screens – from the splendours of terrestrial life, to the otherworldly underwater kingdoms and the frozen ends of the Earth. But they also increasingly show our planet’s fragility in the face of habitat destruction and climate change.

Sir David has given his name to the campus of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative – and has supported the Initiative since our inception. We are proud and humbled to have Sir David as our Honorary Patron.

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